Stop looking for the quick fix, instant gratification or a magic pill. Everything you want, you have to be willing to work to get it. The hard work we invest is what makes what we are doing so special.

There are no shortcuts on the journey to optimal fitness. Putting in the requisite time and effort it takes to achieve the goals we’ve set is what makes it feel so amazing when we have completed it!

It is so easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to those working out around us. The temptation to compromise our form, reps, and mileage in order to not finish last during a workout may be tempting. When that feeling comes you need to remind yourself why you are here and commit to doing things the hard way, the right way.

Miscounting reps during a workout, cutting corners while out on a run, skipping post-workout cool downs and eating whatever is cheapest or fastest will not lead you to achieve your fitness goals faster. If you find yourself basing the majority of your daily decisions on time and convenience over health and wellness, then you are cheating yourself.  Shortcuts won’t earn it. You have to earn it yourself.


Here’s how to EARN your way:

  • E: Effort
  • A: Accountability
  • R: Relentlessness
  • N: Nutrition


Earning it begins with the effort you invest. Hard work consistently invested over time will earn it.  This consistency of effort is what develops discipline, sacrifice, and will power. It is what strengthens that desire to do another rep, run another lap and maintain your focus on form beyond that moment when your body wants to quit. This level of effort is what will enable you to achieve your goals.


Hard work is, well, hard. So keep yourself accountable. Write down your goals, log your workout outcomes, and journal your progress. This is your story. Read it. Review it. This will keep you focused and accountable to yourself. Your fellow class, gym members and workout partners help provide accountability too, so be sure you are helping and encouraging them as well.


You will have to be relentless to achieve your goals. Relentlessness helps you get back up when you fall. It tells you, “Let’s try again,” when you fail. It propels you past obstacles, which is crucial because every journey encounters obstacles. Strengthening your relentless attitude will lead to persistence. Persistence produces progress. Progress leads you to the finish line.


You’ve likely heard it many times: “You can’t outwork bad nutrition.” It will undercut all your hard work every time. Calories are so easily consumed, yet so hard to burn.  They are well-designed to sustain life and provide energy. Consuming the proper amount of high-quality calories will fuel your workout while consuming excessive calories will energize your waistline! You work too hard to waste all that invested effort on poor nutrition. Instead, maximize your effort by consuming high-quality calories in moderation.

So, no more shortcuts. Choose to EARN it!

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